Why Clipping Mask Asia is the Home of Photo Clipping?

Clipping Mask Asia is one of the emerging photo clipping service providers from South Asia. Among many other image editing services (Photoshop image masking, photo retouching, drop shadow, mirror effect, image manipulation) clipping path service has been mostly provided service to our valued customers. There are different reasons for which CMA has been the real home of photo clipping service.

photo clipping sample

Service Available for 24 Hours:

CMA team is available for twenty-four hours with its dedicated customer support team. You can have the access of our service at any time of the day or night. For any query or information you may directly email us and the reply will reach you within one hour in maximum. This is one of the main reasons of being the reliable photo clipping partner to our customers.

Dedicated Team for Clipping Path:

We have more than fifty in house clipping path specialists who can provide the service at any time. In case of large and continuous project we can assign a dedicated team for a special customer. It ensures the best consistent quality of the service within the shortest time. The team is formed according to the requirement of our customers. You can start immediately to form a specialized team at CMA for your clipping path project or any other image editing task like Photoshop masking, image manipulation. They will serve as if the employees are sitting within your own office and the project will be met at your convenience.

Cheap and Discount Rate for Deep Etching:

We ensure the best possible rate for photo clipping. Being located at low labor cost reason we have been one of the cheapest rate provider with comparison to our competitors. If you have large volume of images you will get better rate that can even be $0.35 USD per image. We determine the price on the basis of four influential criteria like quantity, complexity, file size and turnaround. So, please try to consider these four influential issues before requesting for a quotation since you can easily low down the price for deep etching from your side.

Quality Guaranty of Image Clipping Service:

We guarantee the best possible quality of image clipping service. At the very beginning we provide free trial to show the quality of our work. Once we get the approval of the sample we proceed with the main project. Our production house is designed in such a way that will filter the finished images several times to ensure the quality according to the approved sample. However, if any image goes below your expectation we will take the responsibility without any hesitation and fix the issue without any extra charge. Our quality of photo clipping has made us unique in this competitive photo editing industry.

We Keep Our Words!

Clipping Mask Asia is always very careful to maintain the given deadline or any commitment to our valuable customers. We understand that our commitment is not only ours but it’s also your commitment to your clients or schedule. If we fail to meet our words that will affect your business very badly and we never want our customers to be looser since our success lies within that of yours.

Be ready to experience the home of clipping path that will change your idea of as usual image editing vendor. Here you will feel the comfort you need to depend on and the whole environment will accelerate you an impression of working within in your own office. Our image clipping experts are always waiting for you to convey a home of comfort and reliability.