The Importance of Manual Clipping Path

Clipping path is a vector selection process that enables to cut out the object of an image from the original background and to place on a new background. In addition, the term clipping path is also called as deep etching, photo clipping, image clipping. Most of the images we see in different commercial purposes like a model on a billboard is not actually the original one rather it has been through post production processing. Clipping path is one of the most popular image editing technique that serves different roles in post-production.

image clipping

There are different techniques of creating photo clipping. It can be drawn with Photoshop pen tool, magic wand, lasso tool and so on. Creating image clipping with the help of pen tool is considered as manual clipping path. It’s more time consuming with comparison to other techniques. We can make the selection with magic wand with just a single click without that much effort. Even lasso tool can also create the selection very fast. The most interesting thing is time consuming hand drawn clipping is preferred instead of other fast technique due to some important issues which will be explained here.

In order to make the image processing perfect we have to make sure perfect photo cut out. When we are using magic wand the cutout won’t be good enough. Magic wand makes the selection depending on the pixel value. It will select only the pixels with same value. In more simple words, it creates the selection of same color of the object. If the object contains different color it won’t work. However, in case of simple color object it can’t even ensure smooth selection. It can be proved by cutting out an object with magic wand tool and placing it against pure black or pure white background. Yes, the flaw must be clear and transparent. It will be bleeding the background color.

In contrast, Photoshop manual clipping can make the cutout smoothly that won’t bleed anything unwanted. We can create any shape with manual deep etching without that much difficulty that will ensure the best possible quality of background cutout. Here, comes the main point of the importance of manual clipping path.

If you are going to prepare the image for e-commerce website or for banner or poster manual clipping is the best solution. It can provide you the best possible quality without that much difficulty though it may take much time than any shortcut technique.