The Rise of Web-shop and Image Editing Industry

Web-shop has been one of the most popular and common trends in modern business industry. It becomes popular for its extraordinary convenience to both the seller and the buyer. We will hardly find a person without the access of computer, smart phone and Internet. These blessing communication devices make it possible to purses anything we need for our daily life with the least labour. We can choose our necessary product over Internet regardless the time and place. The seller shows the image of their product or commodities which is visualized by the buyer before making the purchase. Therefore, image plays a vital role in this regard.


When the commodities are represented with their image, it becomes vital to show the best photo of the product to initiate the sell. Most of the e-commerce administrators ensure the best optimization of their photos before using on web to attract the possible customers. Here comes the expansion of image editing industry. Photo enhancement industry has got a new life with the emergence of this e-commerce industry.

The number of products or services a web-shop have the same number of photo it must publish on its website. Even, there may have more than one photo per product since it may need to show the product from different angles and views. Photography and image editing industry meets the requirement smoothly.

What the image editor do with an image before publishing on web is a vital question. In a single word they ‘enhance’ it to ensure the best performance. If we go into deep to excavate the reality we can find different website image enhancement treatments which are termed as clipping path service, image masking service, image manipulation service, photo retouching, colour correction etc. The first thing, a professional image editor do is to apply a professional background to the product shot which can be done with the help of image clipping. It enables the editor to remove the original background and to apply a new background, which can be pure white or anything else but most of the e-commerce administrator prefers pure white background. Then, it may require natural drop shadow to fit the object with the background properly. Adding light mirror effect can increase the visual aspect of the photo several times. Some images may require addition treatments like photo manipulation and colour correction. Photo manipulation is also known as ghost mannequin, which is quite popular in case of garment shots.

A large number of people have been involved in this image processing industry. We can find thousands of them by just searching on Google. Besides different local companies there are plenty of off-shoring companies who are providing the service at competitively low cost. Off-shoring image processing service providers are being quite popular because of high end service affordable cost.  The most convenient thing about the off-shoring firm is that, many of them run their companies for 24 hours without any interval to process the image for web as fast as the customer need.


The Importance of Manual Clipping Path

Clipping path is a vector selection process that enables to cut out the object of an image from the original background and to place on a new background. In addition, the term clipping path is also called as deep etching, photo clipping, image clipping. Most of the images we see in different commercial purposes like a model on a billboard is not actually the original one rather it has been through post production processing. Clipping path is one of the most popular image editing technique that serves different roles in post-production.

image clipping

There are different techniques of creating photo clipping. It can be drawn with Photoshop pen tool, magic wand, lasso tool and so on. Creating image clipping with the help of pen tool is considered as manual clipping path. It’s more time consuming with comparison to other techniques. We can make the selection with magic wand with just a single click without that much effort. Even lasso tool can also create the selection very fast. The most interesting thing is time consuming hand drawn clipping is preferred instead of other fast technique due to some important issues which will be explained here.

In order to make the image processing perfect we have to make sure perfect photo cut out. When we are using magic wand the cutout won’t be good enough. Magic wand makes the selection depending on the pixel value. It will select only the pixels with same value. In more simple words, it creates the selection of same color of the object. If the object contains different color it won’t work. However, in case of simple color object it can’t even ensure smooth selection. It can be proved by cutting out an object with magic wand tool and placing it against pure black or pure white background. Yes, the flaw must be clear and transparent. It will be bleeding the background color.

In contrast, Photoshop manual clipping can make the cutout smoothly that won’t bleed anything unwanted. We can create any shape with manual deep etching without that much difficulty that will ensure the best possible quality of background cutout. Here, comes the main point of the importance of manual clipping path.

If you are going to prepare the image for e-commerce website or for banner or poster manual clipping is the best solution. It can provide you the best possible quality without that much difficulty though it may take much time than any shortcut technique.

Why Clipping Mask Asia is the Home of Photo Clipping?

Clipping Mask Asia is one of the emerging photo clipping service providers from South Asia. Among many other image editing services (Photoshop image masking, photo retouching, drop shadow, mirror effect, image manipulation) clipping path service has been mostly provided service to our valued customers. There are different reasons for which CMA has been the real home of photo clipping service.

photo clipping sample

Service Available for 24 Hours:

CMA team is available for twenty-four hours with its dedicated customer support team. You can have the access of our service at any time of the day or night. For any query or information you may directly email us and the reply will reach you within one hour in maximum. This is one of the main reasons of being the reliable photo clipping partner to our customers.

Dedicated Team for Clipping Path:

We have more than fifty in house clipping path specialists who can provide the service at any time. In case of large and continuous project we can assign a dedicated team for a special customer. It ensures the best consistent quality of the service within the shortest time. The team is formed according to the requirement of our customers. You can start immediately to form a specialized team at CMA for your clipping path project or any other image editing task like Photoshop masking, image manipulation. They will serve as if the employees are sitting within your own office and the project will be met at your convenience.

Cheap and Discount Rate for Deep Etching:

We ensure the best possible rate for photo clipping. Being located at low labor cost reason we have been one of the cheapest rate provider with comparison to our competitors. If you have large volume of images you will get better rate that can even be $0.35 USD per image. We determine the price on the basis of four influential criteria like quantity, complexity, file size and turnaround. So, please try to consider these four influential issues before requesting for a quotation since you can easily low down the price for deep etching from your side.

Quality Guaranty of Image Clipping Service:

We guarantee the best possible quality of image clipping service. At the very beginning we provide free trial to show the quality of our work. Once we get the approval of the sample we proceed with the main project. Our production house is designed in such a way that will filter the finished images several times to ensure the quality according to the approved sample. However, if any image goes below your expectation we will take the responsibility without any hesitation and fix the issue without any extra charge. Our quality of photo clipping has made us unique in this competitive photo editing industry.

We Keep Our Words!

Clipping Mask Asia is always very careful to maintain the given deadline or any commitment to our valuable customers. We understand that our commitment is not only ours but it’s also your commitment to your clients or schedule. If we fail to meet our words that will affect your business very badly and we never want our customers to be looser since our success lies within that of yours.

Be ready to experience the home of clipping path that will change your idea of as usual image editing vendor. Here you will feel the comfort you need to depend on and the whole environment will accelerate you an impression of working within in your own office. Our image clipping experts are always waiting for you to convey a home of comfort and reliability.